The Clipse speak on PlayCloths

The clipse are getting ready to put out another season of PlayCloths.. and we wanted to know what you think.. The line is available, we're just judging reaction on whether or not you think it should be a good look for the shop in the future. (google it for more pics of the line)
check it out


DJ Premier Talks AF1s with BoBo

Here is a link to Dj Premier talking about the AF1a he recently released with Nike. They are currently in the shop as well as the DJ AM Dunks that he mentions as part of the pack..Sizes are going fairly quick..This is one not to sleep on.

DJ Premier Talks AF1 "Rivals Pack" Collabo


G-Dep talks that PCP addiction

G Dep is a crazy dude.. he goes hard. Check out this interview, pretty pretty prettttttyyyy sure he's on that PCP during the interview.  Almost sounds like a job interview. weird.
WATCH for the freestyle attempt at the end.. alllll cracked out
If you really don't know about GDEP get in touch!!!

G DEP and Shea Davis

The State vs. Radric Davis

Tomorrow is the day for that new Gucci!!! GO GET THAT on DECEMBURRRRRRRRRRRR 8th...